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Department of Special Education

Department of Special Education was established 01/01/1999. Setting up a separate department was associated with the gradual opening up study specialties of special education. Currently, educational and scientific center which has a firm place in the structure of departmental faculty.


Dear Colleagues!

Welcome on our new website of the Department of Special Education University of Presov in Presov. Website was created for all who are interested in it's history, our current scientific research, publications, educational activities and visions for the future.
You can find here an information about us, requirements for the study, as well as a discussion forum, which can be used also for the transfer of experiences in the field of education of children, youth and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and conduct disorders. Our intention is to provide you with quick orientation in all topics that you might need to obtain, as special education students, for successful accomplishment of your undergraduate studies at Faculty of Education of University of Presov and for the application of this knowledge in your practice as a special education teacher.

You are invited to meet us through our newly established website, where you can also find new friends, because we are not only available to you - our students and special education teachers in practice, but also to candidates for the special education studies.

On behalf of the Department of Special Education of Faculty of Education in Presov I want to assure you that we are open to all new challenges and we welcome any of your ideas for improving the communication and cooperation with you - our students, graduates of special education, teachers from special education practice, as well as the communication with other colleagues from academic and educational community at home and abroad.

We wish you a lot of success within your studies and educational work and we are looking forward to meet you - personally or at our discussion forum.

Assoc. prof. Dr. Bibiána Hlebová, Ph.D.

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